About Cambridge VIP

CII is proud to announce our new conference division Cambridge VIP Venture, Innovation & Partnering. These distinctive conferences bring together senior-level investors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and start-up leaders, from the biopharmaceutical, digital health, medical device, information technology, and energy sectors. These events are high-level, networking summits consisting of thought-provoking, industry-led panels and fireside chats. The intimate setting, whether at a five-star property or conveniently happening in parallel with one of our well-established events, is designed to encourage interaction and networking. We welcome you to participate in one or more of our venture- and innovation-led conferences to gain strategic insights, candid perspectives, and business recommendations in your field of interest. You will better appreciate who is investing and in what technologies, learn about current funding activities and recent exits, and understand how various emerging technologies are being commercialized to solve pertinent challenges.

How is Cambridge VIP related to Cambridge Innovation Institute (CII)?
Cambridge VIP is one of the three divisions of Cambridge Innovation Institute. The other divisions are Cambridge Healthtech Institute and Cambridge EnerTech.

Who is Cambridge Innovation Institute?
Cambridge Innovation Institute delivers cutting edge information through events, publishing, and training to leading commercial, academic, government and research institutes across the life science and energy industries. Cambridge Innovation Institute consists of two business areas; our coverage of advances in life sciences under the well-established Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) brand, and coverage of rechargeable batteries under the newly established Cambridge EnerTech (CET) brand. We focus on high technology fields where research and development are essential for the advancement of innovation.